turn push | turn pull cover

kit fryatt
turn push | turn pull

A5, 28pp, €5, August 2012
ISBN 979-10-90394-33-9
The cover image is turn push | turn pull by Andrej Kapor.

Fryatt has something to compress here, so that it isn’t clipped, not the manner of a clipped or withdrawn person, but a jump cut and besuited highwire full army kit suspension of a dance floor in midair. Ira Lightman

turn push | turn pull is a celebration of the form and function of words, their morphologies and etymologies, how they convey meaning and simultaneously defy it. Eloquent as always, with Socratic wisdom and an ear that is sensitively attuned to the push/pull of cadence, Fryatt prods and carefully dissects the word while she muses on love, friendship, consciousness. Her wit is on every page, even in the silences. She thrills the reader with meticulous reinvention and the gliss of regional variations, tucking foreign phrases with their English fellows to create a voice that is multi-layered and infinitely rewarding. Anamaría Crowe Serrano