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steven dalachinsky
long play e.p.

the complete Evan Parker Poems
A5, 40pp, September 2011, €5
ISBN 979-10-90394-07-0
The cover image is by the author.

Poetry & Jazz: possibly the most truly autochthonous North American art combo. Both a high & a popular tradition, way too neglected by the high literati & their low theory–pundits as a formal & spontaneous process that happens “inside / the skillside of the skull”—as the amazing Steven Dalachinsky has it in this lovely, lovely book, a set of poems that sets him squarely (hiply?) in a line starting (in my book) with Kenneth Rexroth & culminating today with, well, maestro Dalachin– sky, an unequaled delight, a must. Pierre Joris

If the definition of the “true” poet is someone who translates events around him into words AS THEY HAPPEN, then Steve Dalachinsky is one of the few I know—I“ve seen him scribble a poem on a scrap of paper at a viewing—and if that definition is widened to include being BORN with the natural rhythms of the Universe, the MUSIC OF LIFE, in yr veins, and then being able to infuse yr work with this music, then Steve is the only true poet I know. Ron Kolm, author of The Plastic Factory, editor of The Worst Book I Ever Read

Steve Dalachinsky has understood the wish made by John Coltrane of a multi– directional expression: what he hears in the music (of Evan Parker, this time) is nothing less than the realm of possibilities, possible images, possible ideas, possible meanings. You, the readers, are invited to the wedding party of chaos and cosmos. Alexandre Pierrepont, dreamer, poet, surrealist, anthropologist