KALEIDOgraph cover

Nina Karacosta & Anamaría Crowe Serrano

US Trade, 38pp, €15, spring 2017
ISBN 979-10-90394-56-8

This book is book is beautiful—καλός beautiful; εἶδος form. Thee poems are both within and without themselves; style succumbs to stylus and the two voices become so many that authorship seems to collapse. But there is order, startlingly so, connections that are delightful to trace—arising accidentally but expertly managed by the obvious inherent and learned skills of the poets. You will be safe here if it’s meaning you want, excited if you want to play: “the hidden gets lost / and the lost gets gotten”. Windows, eyes and mirrors are important, space, dreams, masks; they bring you anew to old ground–to cows, school, Harcourt street station, a recycling vagrant. Think of the titles as lenses and the words as clever, shifting patterns. Open the senses. Let the poem surround you. These beautiful semantic graphics are wise, witty and, to quote Sylvia Plath, ‘irrefutable’. Máighréad Medbh

As the words of this KALEIDOgraph shift and slant, spinning their incandescent spell, three languages stealthily become one—marvelously elusive yet splendidly sonorous and deeply true. Amy Hollowell

Based on a chance encounter, mutual liking and an unusual trilingual project between both poets, this collection is an unqualified success. Witty yet kindly, intelligent and thoroughly addictive. Anne Ortiz Talvaz

Shrewd and effervescent, KALEIDOgraph is a collaboration consistently alert to verbal possibilities and power, creating (in the words of the poem ‘sneachta’) ‘a language constantly correlating tongues’. Kit Fryatt

Crossing linguistic boundaries…Gaelic & Greek…and English more than liberally tossed in to make an appetizing yet filling international amalgam…Nina Karacosta and Anamaría Crowe Serrano criss cross linguistic boundaries with aplomb, fluidly, fluently and great agility like the (wo)men on the flying trapeze? While keeping all associations loose they ironically turn out spot on poetry, allusions defined, imagination intuitively tuned in…pleasures and surprises galore got me riffng involved in their play, fun, beauty brilliantly satisfying…had me cheering them on in their collaborative ventures… lydia cortes

These eloquent “guesses” intertwine like clematis! Sparrow